Cryoliposculpt with Radio Frequency, Cavitation and Vaccum Course



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  •  We will step into the world of Cryoliposculpt or Coolsculpting, which is a nonsurgical body contouring procedure. A certified physician will use a device to freeze fat cells under the skin and after the cells are destroyed or broken down they will be removed. When the procedure is done the focus is on a specific targeted area in the body that will need to be worked on resulting on a reduction of body fat, skin tightening and over all a safe process to reduce the problematic area.

Radio Frequency

  • Radio Frequency is a type of energy that can be delivered to the skin in a variety of ways to rejuvenate facial features, treat wrinkles by using heat generated within the skin that consequently stimulates Collagen growth resulting in firmer, tighter skin.

Ultrasound Cavitation

  • This is another non-invasive procedure that uses narrow frequency waves to break down fat cells. This process is targeted to work on unwanted areas of fat. The procedure is painless and carries no risk of infection with zero recovery time.

Vacuum Suction

  • Vacuum Suction is a procedure that stimulates the lymphatic system to remove lymph fluids from the tissues, cultivating the colour and appearance of the skin to provide a healthier glow to the skin. When this drainage of the lymph is created it forces the body to clear the skin on its own and naturally has a detoxifying effect on the patient.


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